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Heartland YouthBuild San Diego

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Heartland YouthBuild provides immediate part-time work to unemployed 16 to 24-year-old high school drop-outs while helping them earn their high school diplomas FREE of charge. Funded by the US Dept. of Labor, YouthBuild provides free hands-on field training in construction and green building, where students work with licensed professionals building affordable homes in the San Diego community.

YouthBuild uplifts youth for whom traditional school hasn’t worked. Rooted in principles of leadership, social justice and community service, YouthBuild helps unemployed, out-of-school young people reclaim their lives and get a quality education, while building the skills they need to become productive members of society. It’s education with a true sense of accomplishment.

Important classroom instruction includes Sketchup 3D Virtual Building Modeling applied to actual YouthBuild projects. Following the design phase, students elect field-based building projects where basics in cross-cutting trades like electrical, plumbing, green building and solar – even advanced manufacturing – are addressed.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important for youth to understand their options in choosing and pursuing their academic and career goals,” said YouthBuild Director Mark Hanson. “We want these young people to know that a good education and high wage careers are attainable no matter what their financial background.”

Know someone who can benefit? Call Terri @ 858-220-3317, text YouthBuild to 31996 or visit us at 5280 Orange Ave. SD 92115 M-Fri. Bus & trolley passes provided!


Heartland YouthBuild is a 501C3 non-profit dedicated to helping 16 to 24 year olds obtain their high school diploma while honing skills in construction and green building.
Locally, YouthBuild is run by the non-profit Heartland Coalition.
We work to create capable employees and promising careers while building a more sustainable San Diego future.
YouthBuild helps out of work 16 to 24-year-olds in need of a high school diploma.
YouthBuild students receive project based training building affordable homes in the greater San Diego community.
Whom can YouthBuild help?
Our mission is to tap into the unleashed potential of our youth and create hope for the future.
YouthBuild students 'earn while they learn.'
YouthBuild students receive free bus/trolley transportation and 2 square meals a day.
YouthBuild students help host fun, educational events.
YouthBuild fosters special team-building events.
YouthBuild holds field trips as part of its curriculum.
YouthBuild's student mentor understands team and perseverance. He played in the NFL.
YouthBuild offers smaller class sizes for accelerated learning.
YouthBuild teaches the online curriculum of the Home Builders' Institute and offers cool CAD applications like Sketchup.
YouthBuild students work alongside licensed professionals building affordable homes.
YouthBuild is building a social entrepreneur program selling town sheds.
YouthBuild students framing a town shed in Lakeside, CA.
YouthBuild delivers boots-on-the-roof training in green building and solar with fellow non-profits like GRID Alternatives.
YouthBuild students trenching for a recycled greywater irrigation system.
YouthBuild students earn family pride, financial freedom -- and a better future!
YouthBuild celebrates graduate families and volunteers.
YouthBuild offers year-round enrollment for faster graduation.
YouthBuild is FREE -- and offers post-grad scholarships through a $75,000 AmeriCorps grant.
YouthBuild delivers life-skills training through a variety of partners.
YouthBuild educates youth and fosters money-earning skills and apprenticeships.
YouthBuild believes education fosters principles of equality and opportunity.
YouthBuild and its partners work to change lives.
YouthBuild grads work for a better life and thriving communities.
Refer a student, tell a friend, donate or host a field trip today!  Help YouthBuild rebuild lives and communities.
Help connect us to 16 to 24-year-old youth who can benefit from YouthBuild.  It's FREE!

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