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Lions, Tigers & Bears


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About Us

Lions Tigers & Bears is dedicated to providing a safe haven to abused and abandoned exotic animals while inspiring an educational forum to end the exotic animal trade.

Lions Tigers & Bears is a NO KILL, NO BREED, NO SELL rescue and educational facility that allows the animals in our care the opportunity to live out their lives with dignity in a caring and safe environment.

Our goal is to provide a safe haven for these rescued animals and to educate the public about the growing population of abused and abandoned exotic animals and where they come from. Our primary concerns are for the health, comfort and safety of our animals. We will protect and provide them with a lifetime home, realizing that environment, exercise, and personal attention are key to their well being. Every attempt is made to provide healthy diets, medical care, immunizations, and whatever else is necessary for the physical and psychological welfare of each animal in our care.

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Bakari, Lions Tigers & Bears' rescued lion
Albert, Lions Tigers & Bears' rescued Grizzly Bear
Cherry Bomb, Lions Tigers & Bears' rescued Grizzly Bear
Conga, Lions Tigers & Bears' rescued Leopard
Maverick, Lions Tigers & Bears' rescued tiger

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Tina Emanuel
Clerical Assistant
Leah Kirk
Executive Assistant to BB
Lisa Saneda
Executive Assistant/Business Operations Supervisor
Malinda whiteley