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Chamber Member Discount on KUSI Feature

KUSI is offering Chamber members a LIVE segment on KUSI, your trusted news source in San Diego, for $500. As a bonus, not only will KUSI cover the cost of the talent (interviewer), they will also offer for you to repurpose this interview on your website, social media, etc, all for the same price!

$500 for a live interview about YOUR business!

3 free drug tests

Celebrate 2 months with us! Sign up this year and get 3 free tests at our drug, alcohol, and DNA testing site. Don't miss this chance to ensure safety and compliance.

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Affinity Program

Announcing a New Benefit!

Announcing a New Benefit!

Running a Successful Business and Life

This inequity certainly must be addressed, and while it is still in place, ways to manage are important. The San Diego East County Regional Chamber of Commerce provides some strategies for finding this new balance.

Technology Services Review! **Full Installation Cost Waived W/ Partnership**

The agenda of the consultation would be to discover, through a series of questions, how cohesive your IT support solution is with the goals of your business. There are newer ways of utilizing IT to ensure cost effectiveness without sacrificing in level of service. Through a 30-minute meeting, you will know if you're in the best position or there may be an IT solution that fully optimizes your business. Click the link in the description to schedule!

Ensure the highest quality IT infrastructure and support for your business!

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