FBS Property, AMO

FBS Property, AMO


Real Estate Leasing / Property Mgt.

About Us

We are proud of the fact that the Better Business Bureau, who has honored us with their Business Integrity Award, has recognized our high level of customer service for both owner clients and residents. Last year FBS was honored with CPM of the Year, Leasing Professional of the Year and a finalist for Property Manager of the year. We also had two apartment communities place in their respective categories.

Open communication, monthly financial accountability and industry expertise are all part of the partnership we have with our clients. We recognize that resident turnover, prolonged vacancy and uncollected rent are unacceptable conditions you need us to solve. You also need us to protect you and your investment by providing a business buffer against the personal financial liability surrounding fair housing laws, landlord-tenant regulations and eviction procedures.

Financially responsible rental residents deserve and demand the personal attention of an accredited property management team as well; whether searching for a home to rent, explaining the terms of their residential lease documents or responding to their service requests in a business-like fashion.

Operating rental properties across 72 Zip Codes.


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